What is the Hydromax Bathmate Pump?
Bathmate Hydromax is a penis enlargement pump which works on a different technology than air pumps. namely by involving water for the pumping process.

It is considered a safe and scientific option to increase penis size without any surgical intervention.

It can be used in a bath which is partly why it is named so.

This aids the process of carrying out your daily shower routine without having to go to a specific place to get work done.

Where and how are Bathmate pumps made?
Since its founding in 2006, Bathmate has greatly diversified its range of penis pumps.

They now come in a variety of colors, strengths, and combinations for every penis length.
for the series, the Bathmate Pump has 3 series, namely: Bathmate Hydro, Bathmate Hydromax, and Bathmate Hydro Xtreme

All of them are based on the same theory of using hydraulic pressure to lengthen the penis.

According to the inventor of Bathmate, this penis pump is made by hand by a skilled workforce.

The manufacturing unit is located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

The raw materials used to make this penis pump are of the best quality.

Skin-friendly silicone is used to make Bathmate products in addition to premium quality stainless steel and high strength polycarbonate.

To allow for precise finishing, robotics is used to place tough molds.


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