The LEAN methodology of can making machine is an innovative and efficient way of managing production processes.
Basically, activities that do not add value are eliminated, thus saving time and improving quality.
In order to optimize production and management tasks, the LEAN methodology was born during the 80s in Japan and the origin was the manufacture of vehicles.
Currently, this philosophy is installed in the most advanced companies, which are committed to innovation and sustainable development.
In short, it is about optimizing business processes (production and management), in order to use fewer resources in them.
The Lean methodology is based on a series of basic objectives that allow achieving excellence:
• Eliminate activities that do not add value to the product or service.
• Improve continuously to maintain the quality of the product or service.
• Detect problems at source and solve them.
• Change the focus of the company to provide solutions to customers, and not just sell products or services.
In this way, in the case of the manufacture of machinery for packaging companies, the LEAN methodology is presented as an indispensable strategy.
Obtaining packages without damage thanks to well-built machines allows the reduction of rejected products, saving costs and increasing quality.
At Autorema we implement the LEAN methodology in each of our processes, which gives us great safety and quality values.
We are specialists in the design, development, automation and implementation of machinery for the food, metal, packaging and logistics and robotics sectors.

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