The “chicken ribs bathroom cabinet supplier” who is struggling to overcome difficulties is hovering in the bathroom cabinet industry, struggling to survive in the cracks. I have already started this project, but because there is no follow-up funds, a stable sales network has not been established, or there is no financial means to establish a sales network, or other reasons are frustrated, it is temporarily unprofitable to continue to do it, and it is not profitable to withdraw from market competition.

 unfortunately. In order to survive, dying and struggling, the big price war, want to market a large number of low-priced products, disrupt market conditions and the order of competition, and cause vicious competition.

  1. The threshold of the bathroom cabinet industry is too low, and the investment in fixed assets is not very large. Some workshop owners dare to try to set up a bathroom cabinet factory for 80,000 yuan. 2. The bathroom cabinet product has low technical content and simple production process, even without molds. It is a typical labor-intensive industry. Some small handicraft workshops hire a few carpenters and painters, and they will leave the bathroom cabinets. Of course, the product quality is another matter.

bathroom cabinet supplier should broaden our industrial chain so that our products have complementary advantages. They may go to outside factories to OEM or make their own, and they are also embracing the bathroom cabinet project. Relying on their existing market sales network to enter the market.