The pvc furniture board is an advanced technology board manufactured by using existing technology. Its appearance has brought novelty to the current market and promoted the development of related industries. Generally speaking, this kind of pvc is a common sheet, which is made of pvc resin made of white or yellow powder and then processed. Some characteristic products of pvc can promote the development of this industry.

   This kind of pvc product is manufactured with related technology. According to the current social development, pvc will be a product for future development. From all aspects, we can understand the main performance of this pvc. From a different perspective, there are characteristics. From a mechanical point of view, pvc is a product with high hardness and certain mechanical properties, which will change with the design you believe.

   This product of pvc board has very high temperature requirements and will change according to the temperature at that time. Considering its thermal properties, this kind of pvc is a material with poor heat resistance and flame retardancy.

  The commonly used method to improve the heat resistance of pvc is to add a heat-resistant modifier in the production process, which is a polymer specially developed and produced to improve the heat resistance of pvc board wood. Adding a heat-resistant modifier can improve the heat resistance of the board. In the production process, inorganic fillers can be added to improve the heat resistance of pvc.

   In addition, PVC can be cross-linked to improve its heat resistance. Generally there are radiation combined method and chemical combined method. Compared with ordinary pvc products, the combined pvc board products have higher mechanical strength, dimensional stability, heat and wear resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. We can also blend PVC with other polymers to supplement and enhance the performance of the material, thereby improving the comprehensive performance of the material such as heat resistance.

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