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Civilian SUVs and trucks are playing a vital role in the humanitarian and military effort in Ukraine. They are used to transport troops, stage supplies, deliver medicine and equipment, and by frontline units to engage their enemy. Vehicles are in short supply and urgently needed.

Upon hearing of this a year ago, two friends in London took action. They bought a truck, filled it with medicine, bandages, night vision scopes, and boots. And then they drove it from London to Western Ukraine and delivered it directly to a frontline soldier who drove it East, picked up the rest of his team who had been without transportation, delivered the medical supplies, and re-entered combat operations.

The two returned home, recruited friends to help, and bought another truck. And another. As of today, we have built a network of volunteers to drive the vehicles from London and cities in Europe into Ukraine, raised over $2 million, and purchased and delivered over 250 trucks filled with supplies. All delivered to front-line military and medical units.

Every dollar (and more) that Trucks for the Troops receives goes directly to the effort. We spend zero money on staff, premises, media, or merchandise. Donations go to equipment and getting it to the front line as quickly as possible. Nothing else.

Below this message are a few photos of the vehicles and their recipients. These vehicles go straight from our team to those who need them most, and that means that we lose both trucks and men from time to time. It’s as real as it gets for our recipients and we want to continue to help them.

Please donate using the form on the left of the screen. To donate vehicles (SUVs, trucks, ambulances, police and fire trucks) or supplies, please contact us:

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In addition to your donation, please invest in getting the word out to your contacts. You can circulate the URL from this webpage through email or social media with your own introduction, or use the text above. We’re looking for more reach and more ways to increase the size of our aid to support those risking much more than dollars on the front lines