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Civilian SUVs and trucks are playing a vital role in the humanitarian effort in Ukraine. They are used to transport troops, stage supplies, deliver medicine and equipment, and by frontline units to engage their enemy. Vehicles are in short supply and urgently needed.

We first learned this last March and wanted to help. So we began buying trucks and filling them with medicine, bandages, boots, and other supplies. We drove the first trucks ourselves (and we still do almost every weekend) to western Ukraine and delivered them directly to frontline soldiers, who drive them east to deliver the supplies and re-enter first-responder and combat operations.

Since then, we have built a network of volunteers to drive them from London and cities in Europe into Ukraine, raised over $2 million, and purchased and delivered more than 250 trucks laden with supplies. Below this message are a few photos of the vehicles and their recipients. These vehicles go straight from our team to those who need them most, and that means that we lose both trucks and men from time to time. It’s as real as it gets for our recipients and we want to continue to help them. All the money that Trucks for the Troops receives goes directly to this effort. We spend zero on staff, premises, media, or merchandise. Every dollar is spent on equipment and getting it to the front line as quickly as possible. Nothing else.

If you would like to donate medical or other supplies, a pickup truck, SUV, ambulance, fire engine, or other vehicle, please contact Envolved

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In addition to your donation, please invest in getting the word out to your contacts. You can circulate the URL from this webpage through email or social media with your own introduction, or use the text above. We’re looking for more reach and more ways to increase the size of our aid to support those risking much more than dollars on the front lines


Envolved Foundation is a Texas registered 501(c)(3) organization and operates as a Donor Advised Fund, with the long-term goal of becoming a ‘meta-charity’ and providing a personal foundation to everyone.

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