How you help

Any donations you make to help the people of Ukraine will be sent as quickly as possible to assist our partners on the ground and at the border.

As a result of help from people so far, we have been able to help deliver 250 civilian trucks and lots of medical gear through an excellent channel directly managed by two dear friends in London. They are buying trucks, recruiting drivers and in many cases driving the trucks themselves in coordination with a Ukrainian group based in Lviv and Kyiv that is prioritizing delivery directly to ‘high-action’ areas that need additional capability in supply, medevac, and general transportation.
Civilian SUVs and trucks are playing a vital role in the humanitarian and military effort in Ukraine, and these vehicles are in short supply and urgently needed. Upon hearing of this our friends took action. They bought a truck, filled it with medicine, bandages, night vision monocles, and boots. And then they drove it from their flat in London to Western Ukraine and delivered it directly to a frontline soldier who drove it East, picked up the rest of his team who had been without transportation, delivered the medical supplies, and re-entered combat operations. Our friends returned home, recruited other friends to help, and bought another truck. And another. As of today an astounding 32 vehicles! The outpouring of support that they have received is amazing, and at times unexpected. They receive pictures (like these and more) from each unit receiving a truck, some with thank you cards from the soldier’s family.
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They posted on a social media channel of Ukrainians in England that they needed a volunteer driver to collect a vehicle that afternoon in England and drive it to Ukraine. 97 people volunteered. A truck broke down in Germany and needed a new engine. When the repair guys at the local garage found out that the truck was heading to Ukraine, they worked over the weekend and replaced the engine-for free. And a tragic reminder this past weekend of the world the trucks enter-the recipients of truck #2 became engaged in a firefight against a superior force. Three soldiers escaped in the truck, but not before the other two members of their unit were killed. On that more somber note, it’s perhaps worth stating that we are not expecting everyone to share our views or our enthusiasm for this project. We are doing this for our families and for our belief that freedom and self-determination are of extreme importance to a full human life. We understand the complexities of the situation for some families, and share in some of those complexities ourselves. We are presenting an opportunity to get involved in what we believe is a good cause. We have nothing but love and respect for you as our friends and colleagues whether or not you agree with our cause. So our aid effort continues, with several friends preparing to make the drive from England to Ukraine again (some for the fifth time) as of today. We will continue to support the effort, and if you would like to contribute you may use the link below. Your donations will have a direct, immediate, and meaningful impact.